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'Birds' - Tobacco Advertising Award - Tobacco - May, 1991.pdf
The creative team of Saatchi & Saatchi for winning an award for their "Birds" advertisement for Silk Cut. (The reproductions of these advertisements featured in the trade journal Tobacco do not feature the mandated health…

1990-04- Mirabella - Front Cover.jpg
An article in the April issue of Mirabella magazine. Item includes four pages of the article and the front cover of the issue.

2008-11-01- The Smoker's Club - 10 Biggest Lies About Smoke & Smoking wm.pdf
An online article discussing the truths and lies of smoking.

1992-09-27- Boston Sunday Globe - Model Smoke Screen wm.jpg
An article in The Boston Sunday Globe reporting on David Goerlitz, a former model for Winston cigarettes.

1984 - Photo Revue - Wisnton - Aardvark Ad.jpg
An advertisement for Winston cigarettes in an issue of Photo-Revue. Article“Reflexe Campagnes d’hiver”Photo-Revue (France)Nouvelle Serie No. 19Pages 17-18 Advertising agency: J. Walter ThompsonWinston cigarette advertisement, “L’Orycterope empaille”…

1995-09-25- USA Today - After Cancer, No Longer a Model Smoker wm.jpg
An article in USA Today reporting on Alan Landers, a former advertising model for Winston cigarettes.

Silk Cut - Forte Retail Services -  Airport Customs Travel Bag - n.d..jpg
A travel bag featuring the Silk Cut logo from Forte Retail Services. Silk CutGallaher GroupForte Retail Services

Silk Cut - Advertisements - Airport Baggage Claim.jpg
Item contains five images of Alan Blum, MD in front of Silk Cut ads in Dublin Airport. AdvertisementsDublin AirportSilk CutGallaher Group