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1992-03 - VSD - Advertisement - Marlboro - Leo Burnett.pdf
This item contains advertisements in an issue of VSD magazine. It includes three images. AdvertisementBordelois Le meunier/Leo Burnett“L’agence des idees qui durent longtemps”(Agency of long-lived ideas.)VSD (France)Page 19

No More Unsightly Pet Hairs-Embassy ad 1992.jpg
An advertisement for Embassy Filters in an issue of The People. AdvertisementEmbassy FilterImperial TobaccoThe People (UK)Page 10

1992- Wayne McLaren & AB.jpg
This item includes three images of Dr. Alan Blum, Wayne McLaren, and other individuals outside the Philip Morris building.

1992- Janet Sackman Leads Virginia Slims Protest wm.pdf
An article in The Associated Press. The article includes Janet Sackman leading the protest of Virginia Slims sponsorship of women's tennis.

1992-09-27- Boston Sunday Globe - Model Smoke Screen wm.jpg
An article in The Boston Sunday Globe reporting on David Goerlitz, a former model for Winston cigarettes.

Lucky Strike LU-ST Advertisement.jpg
An advertisement for Lucky Strike Filter 10's. AdvertisementBrown & Williamson Tobacco Co.Lucky StrikeThe Star (Malaysia)

11-06-1992 - Washington Post - Philip Morris - Smithsonian Museum of American Art - The Art of Romare Bearden Exhibitio.pdf
An advertisement in The Washington Post promoting Memory and Metaphor: The Art of Romare Bearden, at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American Art, sponsored by Philip Morris. 

1992-1993 - The Museum of Modern Art - New York - Philip Morris - Henri Matisse-A Retrospective.pdf
A brochure for the art exhibition Henri Matisse: A Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, sponsored by Philip Morris.(Brochure)

1992-1993 - New York Times - Philip Morris - Museum of Modern Art - Henri Matisse A Retrospective.pdf
An advertisement in The New York Times for the exhibition, Henri Matisse: A Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, sponsored by Philip Morris.

1992 - New York Times - Philip Morris - The Jewish Museum - Bridges and Boundaries African Americans and American jews.pdf
An advertisement in The New York Times for the exhibition Bridges and Boundaries at the Jewish Museum, New York City, sponsored by Philip Morriss