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Percentage of Adults Who Were Current Cigarette Smokers
Presentation slide depicting percentages of smokers for various genders races educaiton levels ages and poverty statuses

MAD Magazine Had Been An Inspiration For My Own Approach To Tackling The Smoking And Drug Abuse Pandemic Among Adolescents

A Letter From Alan Blum MD To William M Gaines The Publisher Of MAD Magazine


You Would Be One Of My Top Choices For A Nobel Prize In Medicine

A Letter From Alan Blum MD To William M Gaines The Publisher Of MAD Magazine


A Few Words Of Humor … Rube Goldberg

An Advertisement For The American Tobacco Companys Lucky Strike Cigarettes Featuring Cartoonist Reuben “Rube” Goldberg

My Boy Shun The Deadly Nicotine

A Postcard Of A Rube Goldberg Illustration Of Hey Hypocritical Father Telling His Son Not To Smoke While Smoking Cigarettes

Professor Butts

A Rube Goldberg Contraption For Sharpening Ice Skates

Professor Butts

A Rube Goldberg For Clearing Away Cigar Ashes

The Men Who Put The Fun Into Your Life

An Advertisement For The American Tobacco Companys Tuxedo Brand Cigarettes Featuring Several Cartoonists From The Early 20th Century

Something Is Always Taking The Joy Out Of Life

A Comic Advertisement For Lorillards Old Gold Cigarettes

Swell Struggling With The Cigarette Poisoner

A Man Is Seen On Top Of A Cigarette Case Encircled By Cigarette Serpent