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1952-03- NATD Coordinator - Statue of Liberty; Old Gold Ad.jpg
Magazine cover advertisement for Old Gold Cigarettes, opposite a cover featuring the Statue of Liberty

1931-06- Cosmopolitan - Camel Ad - New Cellophane.jpg
Magazine advertisement for Camel cigarettes featuring the new moisture proof and sealing cellophane wrap

1930- Brooklyn Camel Prize Winner Photo & Announcement.jpg
Photo and press release for the winner of a Camel Cigarette essay contest, featuring the female winner and noting her ten-thousand dollar prize

1929- Camel Sales Book - Arabic.jpg
Pages from a sales book, featuring ads for Camel Cigarettes in multiple languages: Arabic, Armenian, Croatian, and Greek.

Tony the Trial Lawyer - Cover - Camel Mighty Tasty Lifestyles promotion 1998.jpg
Advertisement for Camel cigarettes. The item includes three images of selected pages.

Promotional Mailing
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (USA)

1976-06- Playboy - Tom Selleck for Salem.jpg
An advertisement in Playboy magazine featuring Salem cigarettes. The ad features actor, Tom Selleck.

1994-11-22- Weekly World News - Look at the Star of This Old Gold Ad.jpg
An article in Weekly World News about former cigarette model, Sarah DeSantis.

1990-04- Mirabella - Front Cover.jpg
An article in the April issue of Mirabella magazine. Item includes four pages of the article and the front cover of the issue.

Taste Winston Lights - Winston - Alan Landers.jpg
An advertisement for Winston Lights cigarettes. The ad features Alan Landers.