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Gold, Black, and Red "Silk Cut" Ad

Gold, Black, and Red Silk Cut Ad - Sunday Indepedent - February 10, 1991.jpg
Benson & Hedges ad in the style of a Silk Cut advertisement where the white and purple motif has been replaced with gold, black, yellow, and red, the colors associated with Gallaher's flagship brand, Benson & Hedges. AdvertisementBeson and…

'Birds' - Tobacco Advertising Award

'Birds' - Tobacco Advertising Award - Tobacco - May, 1991.pdf
The creative team of Saatchi & Saatchi for winning an award for their "Birds" advertisement for Silk Cut. (The reproductions of these advertisements featured in the trade journal Tobacco do not feature the mandated health…

Silk Cut Enigma

Silk Cut Enigma - Trade Talk - Tobacco - April 1991.pdf
An article in tobacco, a trade publication, discusses another unique and surreal Silk Cut advertisement. ArticleTrade TalkTobacco (UK)

Smoking Out the Issue of Sponsorship

1991-12-14 - Letter - Los Angeles Times - Smoking out the Issue of Sponsorship.pdf
Letters in The Los Angeles Times expressing opinions about Philip Morris sponsorship of the arts.

Art and Enterprise

1991-04-21 - New York Times Magazine - Albert Bierstadt; Art and Enterprise.jpg
Advertisement in The New York Times Magazine for the exhibition Art and Enterprise: A Retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum and other museums in the US, sponsored by Philip Morris. (Advertisement, Cover)

The Drawings of Jasper Johns

1991-03-17 - Altria Philip Morris - The Drawings of Jasper Johns.pdf
An advertisement in The New York Times for the exhibition The Drawings of Jasper Johns at the Whitney Museum of American Art, sponsored by Philip Morris.