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Fat Lady

2013-02-13 - Silkcut - Advertisement - Fat Lady.jpg
A large inflatable opera singer with a slash in purple dress. The last print Silk Cut advertisement before a total ban went into effect in 2003.Saatchi and SaatchiSilk Cut

Silk Fights Back

1995 - Silk Cut - Graham Ford - Silk Fights Back.jpg
A Silk Cut advertisement depicting silk leaping menacingly at a pair of scissors. AdvertisementSilk CutGraham Ford

Shopping Bag Featuring Silk Cut Logo

Travel bag Featuring Silk Cut Logo - Shopping bag - British Airports Skyshops - Undated.jpg
A shopping bag featuring the Silk cut logo from British Airports Skyshops. Shopping bagSilk CutGallaher GroupBritish Airports Skyshops


1995 - Silk Cut - Francios Gillet - Ghost.jpg
A Silk Cut ad featuring a "ghost" showering while his purple silk ghost drape hangs on a coat rack. AdvertisementSilk CutFrancios Gillet

Fly Trap

1995 - Silk Cut - Masatomo Kuriya - Fly Trap.jpg
A Silk Cut ad featuring a fly trap capturing a zipper or "fly" made of purple silk. AdvertisementSilk CutMasatomo Kuriya


1995 - Silk Cut - Barney Edwards - Phone.jpg
A purple silk clad hand ending a phone call. AdvertisementSilk CutBarney Edwards


1995 - Silk Cut - Tyen - Penknife.jpg
A pocketknife folded out to resemble a bull charging a purple silk handkerchief. AdvertisementSilk CutTyen

Can Can

1995 - Silk Cut - Francios Gillet - Can Can.jpg
Scissors dressed purple silk skirts resembling dancers. AdvertisementSilk CutFrancois Gillet

Stockings & Ladder

1996-06-30 - The Sunday Review - Stockings & Ladder.jpg
AdvertisementSilk CutGallaher GroupThe Sunday ReviewThe Independent on Sunday (UK)