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014 - Sports Sponsorship & Tobacco (Tennis)


Items from the Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society's collection of Tennis & Tobacco.

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032 - Cigarette Advertising

1985 Cigarette smoking and its promotion Editorials are not enough The Cigarette Underworld.pdf

Considered the leading edge industry in advertising, the cigarette industry has revolutionized the ways in which its products are marketed across…

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051 - Tobacco Company Premium Catalogues

In an effort to retain consumers and build brand loyalty many tobacco comapnies introduced rewards programs based on points that featured premiums or…

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050 - Health Associations Anti-Smoking Efforts


A colleciton chronicling the actions and inactions of various medical associaitons during the global tobacco pandemic.

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049 - American Medical Association


America’s leading medical organization (AMA) would eventually take a stand against the leading preventable cause of death and disease as part of its…

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048 - Anti-Smoking Presentations


Collections of slides and Power Points on Anti-Smoking.

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047 - Tobacco Library

Inventories and digitizations of the Center's extensive Library.

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046 - Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co.

1982 Cigarettes are very kool.pdf

An American tobacco company and subsidiary of British American Tobacco that produced several popular cigarette brands. It became infamous as the focus…

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045 - Cigarette Pack Collection

Cigarette packs are the utlimate symbol of the tobacco industry and the variety of packs entice consumers to buy thier own specific type of cigarette.…

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