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Defense de s'Afficher (Post No Bills)

1992-03 - VSD - Advertisement - Marlboro - Leo Burnett.pdf
This item contains advertisements in an issue of VSD magazine. It includes three images. AdvertisementBordelois Le meunier/Leo Burnett“L’agence des idees qui durent longtemps”(Agency of long-lived ideas.)VSD (France)Page 19

Cigarette logos abound despite ad bans abroad

2000-09-12 - USA Today - Billboard Ad.pdf
An article in USA Today reporting on cigarette advertising. Julie SchmitUSA Today (USA)

I can talk about enjoyment. I've tasted it.

1976-06- Playboy - Tom Selleck for Salem.jpg
An advertisement in Playboy magazine featuring Salem cigarettes. The ad features actor, Tom Selleck.

Look at the Star of This Old Gold Ad

1994-11-22- Weekly World News - Look at the Star of This Old Gold Ad.jpg
An article in Weekly World News about former cigarette model, Sarah DeSantis.

Taste Winston Lights

Taste Winston Lights - Winston - Alan Landers.jpg
An advertisement for Winston Lights cigarettes. The ad features Alan Landers.

Cheryl Tiegs for Virginia Slims

1979 - Virginia Slims - Cheryl Tiegs.jpg
An advertisement for Virginia Slims cigarettes. The ad features Cheryl Tiegs.

Wayne McLaren, Alan Blum, and Others at Philip Morris Building

1992- Wayne McLaren & AB.jpg
This item includes three images of Dr. Alan Blum, Wayne McLaren, and other individuals outside the Philip Morris building.

The Last Cigarette Ad

1985-07- NYSJM - The Last Cig Ad wm.pdf
An issue of New York State Journal of Medicine including the front cover and an "In Memory" page featuring Dave Morris.

Dave Morris for Fact Cigarettes

1978-02-03- Women's Day - Dave Morris for Fact Cigs wm.jpg
An advertisement in Women's Day promoting Fact cigarettes. The ad features Dave Morris.