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1992-03 - VSD - Advertisement - Marlboro - Leo Burnett.pdf
This item contains advertisements in an issue of VSD magazine. It includes three images. AdvertisementBordelois Le meunier/Leo Burnett“L’agence des idees qui durent longtemps”(Agency of long-lived ideas.)VSD (France)Page 19

2000-09-12 - USA Today - Billboard Ad.pdf
An article in USA Today reporting on cigarette advertising. Julie SchmitUSA Today (USA)

1976-06- Playboy - Tom Selleck for Salem.jpg
An advertisement in Playboy magazine featuring Salem cigarettes. The ad features actor, Tom Selleck.

1994-11-22- Weekly World News - Look at the Star of This Old Gold Ad.jpg
An article in Weekly World News about former cigarette model, Sarah DeSantis.

Taste Winston Lights - Winston - Alan Landers.jpg
An advertisement for Winston Lights cigarettes. The ad features Alan Landers.

1979 - Virginia Slims - Cheryl Tiegs.jpg
An advertisement for Virginia Slims cigarettes. The ad features Cheryl Tiegs.

1992- Wayne McLaren & AB.jpg
This item includes three images of Dr. Alan Blum, Wayne McLaren, and other individuals outside the Philip Morris building.

1985-07- NYSJM - The Last Cig Ad wm.pdf
An issue of New York State Journal of Medicine including the front cover and an "In Memory" page featuring Dave Morris.

1978-02-03- Women's Day - Dave Morris for Fact Cigs wm.jpg
An advertisement in Women's Day promoting Fact cigarettes. The ad features Dave Morris.