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Doc Parody - Virgina Slimes - Smelli Minnelli in Cancer.jpg
Advertisement by Doctors Ought to Care (DOC) in Houston Public News parodying the Philip Morris-sponsored Virginia Slims Legends concert featuring Liza Minelli and Angela Lansbury.

Low, Lower, Lowest - Advertisement - Independent Magazine - April 03, 1994.jpg
AdvertisementSilk CutIndependent Magazine (UK)

Silk Cut Enigma - Trade Talk - Tobacco - April 1991.pdf
An article in tobacco, a trade publication, discusses another unique and surreal Silk Cut advertisement. ArticleTrade TalkTobacco (UK)

'Birds' - Tobacco Advertising Award - Tobacco - May, 1991.pdf
The creative team of Saatchi & Saatchi for winning an award for their "Birds" advertisement for Silk Cut. (The reproductions of these advertisements featured in the trade journal Tobacco do not feature the mandated health…

Wrapper Geysers - Advertisement - Silk Cut - The Face - June, 2006.pdf
Silk Cut cigarette packs bursting from wrappings like snakes shedding skins.AdvertisementSilk CutThe Face (UK)

Billboard Ad for Silk Cut - n.d..jpg
A Silk Cut ad with a purple silk clad hand being pursued by a handbag with zippers appearing like teeth in the mouth of a crocodile. PhotographBillboard AdvertisementSilk Cut

Silk Cut - Advertisements - Airport Baggage Claim.jpg
Item contains five images of Alan Blum, MD in front of Silk Cut ads in Dublin Airport. AdvertisementsDublin AirportSilk CutGallaher Group

State Express 555 - The Best Cigarettes in the World - Advertisement - Supplement to the Illustrated London News - 1957.jpg
An illustration of State Express Cigarettes set upon purple silk. AdvertismentState ExpressSupplement To The Illustrated London News (UK)

Silk Cut - Forte Retail Services -  Airport Customs Travel Bag - n.d..jpg
A travel bag featuring the Silk Cut logo from Forte Retail Services. Silk CutGallaher GroupForte Retail Services

B&H Silk Cut Ad - Gold Letters.jpg
A Benson & Hedges - Silk Cut advertisement with a government warning on the bottom. AdvertisementSilk Cut