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Design a Pack

Camel - Design a Pack.png
A promotional pack offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer with a blank pack of Camels for smokers to design for themselves. Promotional PackR.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (USA)Camel2006

Merlin DuVal Obituary

2006-12-08- LA Times - Merlin DuVal Obituary wm.jpg
The obituary of Merlin K. DuVal. It is mentioned that he became the first medical dean at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

Shedding Skins

Wrapper Geysers - Advertisement - Silk Cut - The Face - June, 2006.pdf
Silk Cut cigarette packs bursting from wrappings like snakes shedding skins.AdvertisementSilk CutThe Face (UK)

Pity the Scientist Who Discovers the Discovered

2006-02-05 - New York Times - Gina Kolata - Pity the Scientist Who Discovers the Discovered.pdf
An article in The New York Times about scientists who claim to make discoveries that have been previously reported by others.

Day for Night - Sponsor's Statement, Director's Statement

2006 - Whitney Biennial - Altria - Day for Night, Sponor's Statement, Director's Statement.pdf
A group of items associated with the Whitney Biennial 2006: Day for Night exhibition. Item includes eight selected images.(Cover, Sponsor's Page, Sponsor's Statement, Forward)

Day For Night

2006 - The Whitney at Phillip Morris - Day For Night.pdf
An advertisement promoting the Whitney Biennial 2006: Day For Night exhibition, for which Altria was the lead sponsor.

Youth 2 Youth Programs for Teens

2006 - Altria - Whitney Museum of Amnerican Art - Promotional Card Youth 2 Youth Programs for Teens.pdf
A promotional card for the Youth 2 Youth Programs for Teens at the Whitney Museum of American Arts, featuring the Altria logo.


2006 Whitney Biennial

2006 - Altria - Whitney Biennical.pdf
The Altria sponsor's statement for the Whitney Biennial 2006:Day For Night exhibition.

Seattle's Art Patch Takes on Tobacco Sponsorship of the Arts

n.d. - Seattle Art Patch - Cartoonists Take Up Smoking Flier.pdf
Items associated with the Art Patch campaign by the King County (Seattle, Washington) Department of Health to counteract tobacco industry sponsorship of the arts. Items include fifteen images of selected pages.(Correspondence, Article, Parodies,…

Klee and America

2006-2007 - Phillips Collection -Neu Galerie - Klee and America, Menil Collection.jpg
Catalogue for the exhibition Klee and America at the Neue Galerie, New York City, and other museums, sponsored by Altria.(Front Cover)