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Tony the Trial Lawyer - Cover - Camel Mighty Tasty Lifestyles promotion 1998.jpg
Advertisement for Camel cigarettes. The item includes three images of selected pages.

Promotional Mailing
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (USA)

1998-11-17- Family Circle - I Lost My Voice wm.pdf
An article in Family Circle magazine. It includes an interview with Janet Sackman. The item includes the front cover and the full article.

1998-03-09 - The Washington Post Weekly Edition - Eleanor Heartney - A New Meaning for 'Commercial' Art Essay, .pdf
An essay in The Washington Post National Weekly Edition reflecting on tobacco company sponsorship of the arts.

1988 - Doc Newsletter - Doctors, Artists Join to Undo Tobacco-Art Ties.jpg
A collection of newsletters, advertisement parodies, and a letter to the director of the Australian National Gallery pertaining to the campaign by artist Doug Minkler and Doctors Ought to Care (DOC), "Artists As Ashtrays," aimed at ending tobacco…

Philip Morris Companies - Robert Rauschenberg A Retrospective.jpg
A billboard on Main Street, Houston advertising the exhibition Robert Rauschenberg: A Retrospective at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, sponsored by Philip Morris.(Photographs)

1998-04-08 - Philip Morris - American Craft Museum- Designed for Delight Brochure.jpg
A brochure promoting the exhibition Designed for Delight at The Speed Art Museum, sponsored by Philip Morris.(Brochure Excerpt)

1998 - Philip Morris - Brooklyn Museum of Art.jpg
A photograph by Alan Blum, MD of the sign at the entrance to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, with sponsorship credit to Philip Morris Companies Inc.


1996 -1998 - Mint Museum - Exhibition Catalogue - Michael Lucero Sculpture 1976-1995.jpg
Catalogue for the exhibition Michael Lucero Sculpture 1976-1995 at the Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina, sponsored by Philip Morris..