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B&H Silk Cut Ad - Prussian Officer in Messerschitt (Side).jpg
A Prussian officer seated in a small car as the spike on his helmet cuts the pruple rag top. AdvertisementSilk CutSky Magazine (UK)

n.d. - Rain of Cigarettes With Yellow Umbrellas.jpg
An advertisement in an issue of Punch: Summer Number. AdvertisementBenson and HedgesPunch: Summer Number (UK)

Low, Lower, Lowest - Advertisement - Independent Magazine - April 03, 1994.jpg
AdvertisementSilk CutIndependent Magazine (UK)

Maintaining Excellence - Interim Report 2000 - Gallaher Group Plc - September 06, 2000.pdf
Interim report from the Gallaher Group Plc., an investors document featuring financial highlights and other information as well as many art photographs of Gallaher Group products including Silk Cut Ultra. Item includes three images of selected…

Improved Performance - Annual General Meeting Report - May 09, 2005.pdf
A chariman's report for investor relations produced by Gallaher Group Plc. Item includes four images of selected pages (Cover, Chairman's Report) General Meeting ReportGallaher Group Plc.

Another Great Year - Annual Review and Summary Financial Statement - Gallaher Group Plc - Febraury 29, 2000.pdf
Investors material produced by Gallaher Group Plc. Item includes three images of selected pages. (Cover, Notice, Operating Review) Financial StatementGallaher Group Plc.

Silk Cut Enigma - Trade Talk - Tobacco - April 1991.pdf
An article in tobacco, a trade publication, discusses another unique and surreal Silk Cut advertisement. ArticleTrade TalkTobacco (UK)

'Birds' - Tobacco Advertising Award - Tobacco - May, 1991.pdf
The creative team of Saatchi & Saatchi for winning an award for their "Birds" advertisement for Silk Cut. (The reproductions of these advertisements featured in the trade journal Tobacco do not feature the mandated health…

Silk Cut King Size - Advertisement - Sunday Independent - February 27, 2000.jpg
Advertisement in Irish newspaper featuring Irish government warning. AdvertisementSilk CutSunday Independent (UK)