012 - Arts Sponsorship (Museum Malignancy - Philip Morris)


Proclaiming that “It Takes Art to Make Company Great”, Philip Morris began supporting the arts to build a reputation as a patron of painters, dancers, and musicians; all in an effort to mask the dangers of their products and the devastating harm done to their customers. This material form the Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society covers Philip Morris' Sponsorship of the Arts

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Pop and Op
Catalogue of an exhibition of 65 graphic works sponsored by Philip Morris Incorporated, circulated by The American Federation of Arts. This was the first art museum exhibition sponsored by Philip Morris.


Cullman: We Have a Long Way to Grow
News article in The Philip Morris News reporting on the challenges ahead in expanding its 25% share of the cigarette market.

PM's Art Program Tours the World
News article in The Philip Morris News about Philip Morris's increasing promotiion of art exhibitions around the world.
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