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Child of Mine, God Keep Thee Pure as Angel's Prayer!

1920-06-01 - The Youth Instructor.pdf
Edition of the The Youth Instructor, an anti-tobacco annual.


1933-09-02 - Advertisement - L'Illustration (France) - Week End.jpg
Boy holding sports equipment and a briefcase walks by smoking a cigarette

Daddy's Favourite

1925-09-26 - Advertisement - The Illustrated London News - Players Navy Cut Cigarettes - Daddy's Favorite.jpg
Baby sitting on a pillow holding a fist full of cigarettes


1933 - Advertisement - L'Illustration (France) - Offrez.jpg
Four little boys dressed up in costumes carry boxes of cigarettes.

Are You a Good Boy?

1911-11-23 - Illustration - Life.jpg
A mother caresses her son's father while holding a cigarette behind her back. Son watches his mom with a cigarette behind his back.


n.d. - Advertisement - Peppi.jpg
Little boy sits on a box smoking a cigar.

Love me, love my...

1927-08-20 - Advertisement - The Illustrated London News - Abdulla - Love Me, Love My.jpg
Boy sits on a carpet covered with loose cigarettes while holding a dog who has box a of Abdulla cigarettes in its mouth.

After your favorite smoke it's "always good taste" to use - Life Savers

n.d. - Advertisement - Life Savers - After Your Favorite Smoke.jpg
A pack of Life Saver candies on a table next to a pack of cigarettes, matches, and an ash tray.

The Youth's Instructor

1917 - Magazine - Anti-Tobacco Annual - The Youth's Instructor.jpg
An anti-tobacco annual with article about boys smoking and tobacco use.