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2006-12-08- LA Times - Merlin DuVal Obituary wm.jpg
The obituary of Merlin K. DuVal. It is mentioned that he became the first medical dean at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

1978-09-14- Miami Herald - Stop the Ad, He Wants to Get Off wm.jpg
An article in The Miami Herald on former cigarette model, Gary S. Cooper.

1992- Wayne McLaren & AB.jpg
This item includes three images of Dr. Alan Blum, Wayne McLaren, and other individuals outside the Philip Morris building.

1995-09-25- USA Today - After Cancer, No Longer a Model Smoker wm.jpg
An article in USA Today reporting on Alan Landers, a former advertising model for Winston cigarettes.

1943-11-27- Sat Eve Post - Camel Ad - Star Gazer wm.jpg
An advertisement in The Saturday Evening Post promoting Camel cigarettes. The ad features Vince.

1944- Popular Science - Camel Ad - Star Gazer (color) wm.jpg
An advertisement in Popular Science promoting Camel cigarettes. The ad features Vince.

1943- Merlin DuVal for Chesterfield wm.jpg
An advertisement for Chesterfield cigarettes. The ad features Merlin DuVal.

2009-07-30- Chris Fletcher to AB - David Goerlitz wm.pdf
Email correspondence between Christopher Fletcher to Alan Blum featuring forwarded messages between Fletcher and Chris Snowdon. The topic is about David Goerlitz.

1992- Janet Sackman Leads Virginia Slims Protest wm.pdf
An article in The Associated Press. The article includes Janet Sackman leading the protest of Virginia Slims sponsorship of women's tennis.

1992-09-27- Boston Sunday Globe - Model Smoke Screen wm.jpg
An article in The Boston Sunday Globe reporting on David Goerlitz, a former model for Winston cigarettes.