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UK Marlboro Gold Warning Pack.png
Plain package from the United Kingdom with a corpse's leg displayed below a stark warning. Plain PackPhilip Morris InternationalMarlboro Gold2018

1996-10 Arena - Philip Morris - Wellcome to Marlboro Country.jpg
AdvertisementPhilip Morris InternationalMarlboroArena (UK)

1996-10 Arena - Philip Morris - Marlboro Medium.jpg
An advertisement for Marlboro cigarettes in an issue of Arena magazine in the United Kingdom. Philip Morris InternationalMarlboroArena (UK)

Sunset - Marlboro - Motor Sport (UK), April 1985.jpg
An advertisement for Marlboro cigarettes in an issue of Motor Sport magazine in the United Kingdom. AdvertisementPhilip Morris InternationalMarlboroMotor Sport (UK)

1983 - DOC - Metropolitan Museum of Art Housecall (2).jpg
Two photographs of members of DOC (Doctors Ought to Care) protesting Philip Morris sponsorship of the exhibition The Vatican Collections: Papacy and Art.(Photographs)

1988 - Brochure The Marlboro History Advertising Collection, Smithsonian Institution Archives Center.pdf
A brochure promoting The Marlboro Advertising History Collection of the Modern Advertising History Program, Collection of Advertising History, held at the Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington,…

1986-08-30 - Marlboro - Presents Musical Entertainment - Feria Artesana.pdf
An poster promoting Feria Artesana at the Albuquerque Civic Plaza, sponsored by Philip Morris.

1982-07-24 - MJA - Tracheostomy for the Marlboro Man BUGA Up cover story.pdf
Cover of The Medical Journal of Australia featuring a poster by the Australian health advocacy group Billboard Utilizing Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotion (BUGA UP). parodying the Philip Morris competition for the Marlboro Man of Australia.…

1982 - Marlboro Racer in Chains.jpg
A collection of photographs of the Australian health advocacy group BUGA UP protesting Philip Morris' sponsorship of the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the display of a Marlboro race car in the museum lobby.(Photographs)

1976-11 - Philip Morris News - Cullman We Have a Long Way to Grow.pdf
News article in The Philip Morris News reporting on the challenges ahead in expanding its 25% share of the cigarette market.