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Ceramic Smoking Baby

A ceramic baby smoking a cigarette, the cigarette can be lit to appear it is being smoked akin to incense.

Using Athletes to push Tobacco to Children

Article from the New York State Journal of Medicine on atheletes promoting chewing tobacco to children. 

Mr. Butts The Cigarette Boy

8 inch, tin wind-up toy made in Japan of a cigarette boy offering several different brands of cigar and cigarettes including: Lucky Strike, Salem, Marlboro, L&M, Newport and Tareyton.

Tackling Secondhand Smoke Dangers

Article from AAP News on AAP leaders dedicating the Richmond Center of Excellence for Children. 

It's A Girl!

Box of 50 cigars from Roi·Tan

Tobacco company target black teens with candy-flavored cigars

2019-02-25 - Article - Tobacco companies target black teens with candy-flavored cigars.JPG
Article from the The Tuscaloosa News (Tuscaloosa) about children smoking, flavored e-cigaretes, and candy cigarettes.

Quiet Controversy: Candy Smokes Sell On

Newspaper article in The Wall Street Journal (New York City) on companies creating non-tobacco themed candy for children and the unknown affects of these products on children.

Cammels - Milk Chocolate Cigarettes

Package for 10 milk chocolate candy cigarettes, the box is a parody of Camel Cigarettes

Dave (Himself!) Evicted Candy Cigarettes

Newspaper article in The Washington Post (Washington, D.C.) about a man selling candy cigarettes to children and a father's response to it.