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The Poultry Industry

1980 - Imperial Group - Information Brochure 4 - The Poultry Industry.pdf
Imperial Tobacco's (UK) brochure detailing its poultry subsidiary.

Design a Pack

Camel - Design a Pack.png
A promotional pack offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer with a blank pack of Camels for smokers to design for themselves. Promotional PackR.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (USA)Camel2006

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Marlboro Gold

UK Marlboro Gold Warning Pack.png
Plain package from the United Kingdom with a corpse's leg displayed below a stark warning. Plain PackPhilip Morris InternationalMarlboro Gold2018

A packet of 20 Kangaroos, please

1999-09 - Tobacco Europe - A Packet of 20 Kangaroo Please.pdf
Cartoon where a panicked aristocrat requests 20 Silk Cut cigarettes as a means to delay his impending execution. CartoonTobacco Europe

Tony the Trial Lawyer

Tony the Trial Lawyer - Cover - Camel Mighty Tasty Lifestyles promotion 1998.jpg
Advertisement for Camel cigarettes. The item includes three images of selected pages.

Promotional Mailing
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (USA)

Welcome To Marlboro Country

1996-10 Arena - Philip Morris - Wellcome to Marlboro Country.jpg
AdvertisementPhilip Morris InternationalMarlboroArena (UK)

Somewhere in the middle of Marlboro Country...Smoking Causes Heart Disease

1996-10 Arena - Philip Morris - Marlboro Medium.jpg
An advertisement for Marlboro cigarettes in an issue of Arena magazine in the United Kingdom. Philip Morris InternationalMarlboroArena (UK)


Sunset - Marlboro - Motor Sport (UK), April 1985.jpg
An advertisement for Marlboro cigarettes in an issue of Motor Sport magazine in the United Kingdom. AdvertisementPhilip Morris InternationalMarlboroMotor Sport (UK)

Defense de s'Afficher (Post No Bills)

1992-03 - VSD - Advertisement - Marlboro - Leo Burnett.pdf
This item contains advertisements in an issue of VSD magazine. It includes three images. AdvertisementBordelois Le meunier/Leo Burnett“L’agence des idees qui durent longtemps”(Agency of long-lived ideas.)VSD (France)Page 19

JPS 20 (John Player Special 20)

1989-06 i-D Magazine - JPS 20.jpg
An advertisement for John Player Special cigarettes in an issue of i-D Magazine. Advertisementi-D Magazine (UK)