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1980 - Imperial Group - Information Brochure 4 - The Poultry Industry.pdf
Imperial Tobacco's (UK) brochure detailing its poultry subsidiary.

Camel - Design a Pack.png
A promotional pack offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer with a blank pack of Camels for smokers to design for themselves. Promotional PackR.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (USA)Camel2006

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UK Marlboro Gold Warning Pack.png
Plain package from the United Kingdom with a corpse's leg displayed below a stark warning. Plain PackPhilip Morris InternationalMarlboro Gold2018

1999-09 - Tobacco Europe - A Packet of 20 Kangaroo Please.pdf
Cartoon where a panicked aristocrat requests 20 Silk Cut cigarettes as a means to delay his impending execution. CartoonTobacco Europe

Tony the Trial Lawyer - Cover - Camel Mighty Tasty Lifestyles promotion 1998.jpg
Advertisement for Camel cigarettes. The item includes three images of selected pages.

Promotional Mailing
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (USA)

1996-10 Arena - Philip Morris - Wellcome to Marlboro Country.jpg
AdvertisementPhilip Morris InternationalMarlboroArena (UK)

1996-10 Arena - Philip Morris - Marlboro Medium.jpg
An advertisement for Marlboro cigarettes in an issue of Arena magazine in the United Kingdom. Philip Morris InternationalMarlboroArena (UK)

Sunset - Marlboro - Motor Sport (UK), April 1985.jpg
An advertisement for Marlboro cigarettes in an issue of Motor Sport magazine in the United Kingdom. AdvertisementPhilip Morris InternationalMarlboroMotor Sport (UK)

1992-03 - VSD - Advertisement - Marlboro - Leo Burnett.pdf
This item contains advertisements in an issue of VSD magazine. It includes three images. AdvertisementBordelois Le meunier/Leo Burnett“L’agence des idees qui durent longtemps”(Agency of long-lived ideas.)VSD (France)Page 19

1989-06 i-D Magazine - JPS 20.jpg
An advertisement for John Player Special cigarettes in an issue of i-D Magazine. Advertisementi-D Magazine (UK)