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001 - Collection Highlights


A collection of Items determined to be the best of the best in the entirety of the Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society.

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002 - Children and Tobacco

1920-06-01 - The Youth Instructor.pdf

The Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society's Children and Tobacco Collection

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003 - Minorities & Tobacco

1987 Targeting of Minority Groups by Tobacco Industry Jones Minorities and Cancer.pdf

Although cigarette smoking was found to be the foremost preventable cause of lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease by the 1950s, a significant…

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004 - Health Claims

Cigarette manufacturers made outlandish and unsubstiated claims about the health benefits or safety of thier cigarettes in thier advertisements,…

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005 - Pharmacies & Tobacco

1985 Pharmacists Who Dispense Cigarettes with a reference to drug store chains pharmaceutical companies NYSJM.pdf

“The stunning, sobering fact is that there are more pharmacies selling cigarettes today than there were 20 and 25 years ago, independent pharmacies…

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006 - R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

RJ Reynolds, producers of the iconic Camel brand cigarettes, are one of the leading cigarette manufacturers in the world. Thier icnoic cartoon mascot…

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007 - Hospitals & Tobacco


Did you know that at one time you could purchase and smoke cigarettes in the hospital?

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009 - Smoking & Airlines

1993 Air Travel Tobacco in History Culture An encyclopedia.pdf

This collection contains items related to airlines and smoking and is a result of gathering material about the fight of flight attendants for…

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010 - Greeting Cards

To-my-Husband-on-Fathers-Day-Card-Crystal-Card-Cover (Cropped).jpg

The Greeting Cards with Smoking Themes collection comprises a variety of cards and postcards related to smoking in that they include images of…

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