028 - Silk Cut & Foreign Brands


Collection of Silk Cut branded advertisements, these avant-garde ads were often mistaken by people outside of the United Kingdom as anti-smoking advertisements due to their lack of branding surrealist art-style and prominent government mandated warnings about the health risks of smoking.

Collection Items

Prussian in Messerschmidt (Profile)
A Prussian officer seated in a small car as the spike on his helmet cuts the pruple rag top. AdvertisementSilk CutSky MagazineĀ (UK)

Rain of Cigarettes With Yellow Umbrellas
An advertisement in an issue of Punch: Summer Number. AdvertisementBenson and HedgesPunch: Summer NumberĀ (UK)

Low, Lower, Lowest
AdvertisementSilk CutIndependent MagazineĀ (UK)
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